Defendant stabbed Northampton teenager with such force his hand slipped onto blade, says prosecutor

Just how one of the defendants in the murder trial of a Northampton teenager ended up with cuts to his right hand could become a pivotal piece of evidence.

Monday, 12th March 2018, 1:00 pm
Updated Monday, 12th March 2018, 2:39 pm
Liam Hunt was stabbed to death on St George's Street on February 14, 2017.

Northampton Crown Court heard today (March 12) how Kane Allaban-Hamilton, 18, from Camp Hill, sustained a cut to his right index finger and thumb in the fatal knife fight in February last year.

The prosecution has suggested Allaban-Hamilton stabbed Liam in the throat with enough force for his hand to slip down the handle and onto the blade.

But the defence says the blade that fatally stabbed Liam had only one edge - and Allaban-Hamilton could have been injured trying to twist it out of the hand of someone attacking him.

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It comes after the jury was told how Liam was asked "who's done this to you" as he laying bleeding to death on the floor. He said "Kane".

A pathologist, Dr Michael Biggs, who performed the post-mortem on Liam's body, told the court how the 17-year-old suffered a seven-centimetre deep stab wound to the neck that pierced his jugular, as well as an eight-centimetre deep wound to his groin.

He also revealed that he had seen reports of Allaban-Hamilton's own injuries.

Prosecutor Mr John Lloyd-Jone said: "Could [Allaban-Hamilton's] injuries to the hand have occurred during a defensive action?"

Dr Biggs said: "I feel it would have been possible."

Mr Lloyd-Jone said: "The other scenario is if while holding onto the knife and slipped onto the blade?"

Dr Biggs replied: "I feel either of those two would be possible explanations."

The trial continues.