Decision on funding for A45 Flore/Weedon bypass due

A photo from the consultation on the new road's route.
A photo from the consultation on the new road's route.

A funding deal for the A45 Flore/Weedon bypass has been lined up by the district council.

On Wednesday May 20 Daventry District Council is set to agree funding for the long-awaited Flore-Weedon bypass, officially called the Daventry Development Link Road.

There is already a planning application for the road, routing the A45 north just east of Weedon. It would then pass to the north of both Weedon and Flore before rejoining the current A45 just before the junction 16 roundabout.

The cost of the project should not exceed £35.7 million. Normally it would be down to Northamptonshire County Council to fund it – but the authority does not have the cash.Waiting for Government cash is not an option as it could take many years, and without the road Daventry’s expansion cannot happen.

So money is being found from other sources. The Local Growth Fund would provide £14 million and £0.4 million will come from planning obligation funds.

DDC has been asked to pay money it gains from the New Home Bonus scheme, and the Community Infrastructure Levy soon to be imposed on newly built homes. Villages set to benefit from the road will also be asked to contribute.