Day off for children of more than 200 Northamptonshire schools

Picture: Northampton College
Picture: Northampton College

The heavy snow yesterday has caused almost every head teacher in the county to declare a snow day.

The list compiled by the county council shows heads started to make the decision at about 5pm on Sunday.

A spokesman for Wootton Primary School, which announced a closure late last nighy, said: "Roads around the school site are too dangerous now, with freezing temperatures overnight, safety getting parents, children and staff in and out is a priority."

In less good news for children - but better for working parents - many schools pledged to be open on Tuesday.

And a few determined heads refused to go along with the rest today.

Tom Rees of Simon de Senlis Primary School tweeted at just after 7am that his school and East Hunsbury Primary School were both welcoming staff and children as usual this morning.