Daventry district school wins healthy eating award for its Fruit Crisps

The awards are affiliated to the Police Community Clubs of Great Britain
The awards are affiliated to the Police Community Clubs of Great Britain

A village school has won a national healthy eating award.

Byfield Primary School won the Heathly Eating Initiative Award in this year’s Community Education Awards.

The award underlines the school’s commitment to exploring inventive ways of education and promoting social development.

The school won for its ‘Fruity Crisps’ initiative, which involved slicing and baking fruit so as to offer a healthy alternative at snack time – the project also helped to reduce waste, as the school had noticed that children did not typically select fruit for their snack during the winter months.

Parents reported that children have shown a greater interest in nutrition following the award winning project, and that their children have begun selecting healthier snacks at home.

Affiliated to The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain, the Community Education Awards are an annual celebration of schools’ efforts to help children and young people become positive members of the community. The awards are designed to highlight and reward the most effective projects across a range of topics, including internet safety, healthy eating, science and technology, and more.  

For further information, and to discover how to enter your school into the 2017 Community Education Awards, visit communityeducationawards.co.uk