Danger junction in Northampton has seen two major crashes in a month

The junction on Harlestone Road has seen several collisions in the past year alone.
The junction on Harlestone Road has seen several collisions in the past year alone.

A worried worker has added to calls for an urgent review of a “dangerous” junction in Northampton after another crash at the accident black spot.

The Harlestone Road junction with the Lodge Farm industrial estate has now seen two serious collisions over the past month and many more over the course of the year.

On June 11, firefighters had to cut a person out of a vehicle after a two-car crash on the junction and on Monday morning, July 13, there was another collision - this time between a lorry and a car.

The June incident saw two people hospitalised and prompted businesses on the Lodge Farm Estate to call for an urgent review to the layout of the junction, which was changed five years ago.

This week, Stephanie Orr, a Travis Perkins worker, 27, who has been among the first on the scene in the aftermath of several crashes at the junction as her office looks out onto it, said it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt there.

She said: “It’s terrible in the morning, there are queues in both directions at that junction and the filter light turning into Lodge Farm takes so long to come on.

“I think people just get inpatient so sometimes they jump the lights.

“We have had to stand out there and direct the traffic after an accident several times, something needs to be done.”

Mick Field, who works nearby in Belmont Press, said it is more the design of the junction than the light phasing, which is to blame.

He said: “Drivers exiting Lodge Farm and Firs View Drive directly face each other; if they drive straight ahead they would collide head on.

“Discipline in all directions is confusing and because of this minor accidents and near misses are frequent and seemingly go unrecorded by the highways department.

“These aren’t idiot drivers, it’s an idiot junction.”

A spokeswoman for Northamptonshire County Council said work is being done to improve the accident black spot

She said: “A study is being carried out to see what measures can be taken to improve this junction.

“Any work carried out to improve safety would also need to ensure that congestion is not increased.”