Dad and son fear having to spend Christmas living in a car in Northampton

A desperate 10-year-old boy and his dad spend their days passing the time and keeping warm in McDonald's because they have no home to go to.

Thursday, 29th November 2018, 11:29 am
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 3:31 am
Dario Techy and his son Christian are being forced to live in Dario's car, he says, until the council can find them a home.

Dario Techy, 36, a former agency van driver, has found himself down on his luck in the past month after selling his touring caravan in order to move in with a friend.

Unbeknownst to him, the agreement did not work out after his son Christian, who used to live in Italy with his mum, moved to the UK.

This meant living arrangements at the friend’s house, who had children of her own, became too cramped and Dario had to move out to seek council accommodation with his son.

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Dario, who is now unemployedbecause he needs to look after Christian full time, said he cannot send the boy to school because he is not getting a good nights sleep in the car.

Dario, who is now unemployed because he needs to look after Christian full time, said he cannot send the boy to school because he is not getting a good night’s sleep in the car and doing the laundry is becoming an impossible task.

He is hoping, now more than ever, that Northampton Borough Council can give them a home before Christmas.

Councillor Stephen Hibbert, Northampton Borough Council’s cabinet member for housing, said: “We do our best to ensure that, wherever possible, someone who becomes homeless is offered the help they need to stay safe and get back on their feet.”

But Dario feels he could be given more help. He is struggling to prove to the borough council that he has sold his previous home, a touring caravan, for scrap because he has not got a logbook and childcare papers for his son remain in Italy with his ex-partner.

He said: “My son has been very sick and that’s the truth. But even if he wasn’t sick he has got the right to stay with me and live here in England. He’s got the right to go to school and live with the father.”

Dario moved back to England six years ago with his ex-partner and two children before the relationship broke down.

The children moved back to Italy with their mother initially.

As soon as Dario realised that Christian was moving back to England again in late October this year he submitted an application for a school and got him a place to learn in Kettering.

“I applied for school admissions the minute I knew the mum was bringing him over and they got me a place in Kettering,” he added.

“Obviously I’m thinking what shall I do? Send him or not? What are we going to do - sleep in the car and wake up and send him to school? How can he go to school like this? I’m completely stuck. I cannot go to work because he cannot go to school. I’m not earning at the moment, I’m on benefits, which I really don’t like.

“I like to wake up in the morning and earn my food. Monday to Friday is for work and you relax at the weekend. I’ve been doing nothing all day.

“We are walking around sitting down in McDonald's and having a coffee that lasts us three hours. There’s nothing else to do.”

He added: “I’m happy with four walls and a bed that’s all I’m asking - you know why? Because four walls and a bed will help me stand up again. If I have four walls and a place I can send him to school.”