Cyclists fined for using bikes in Northampton’s Abington Street

GV of Abington Street, Northampton.
GV of Abington Street, Northampton.

Seven cyclists have been fined by police for using their bikes in Abington Street.

The £30 fines have been handed out in the last two weeks, while another 16 people have been given “words of advice” about cycling in the town centre road, which is a pedestrian zone.

Police Community Support Officer James Earl, from the Northampton Central Safer Community Team, said: “Abington Street is particularly busy with pedestrians at all times of the day.

“Cyclists have been causing a hazard in this location that can easily be avoided by choosing to either walk with their push-bikes or to use the proper cycle route which runs in line with Abington Street, located on Dychurch Lane.

“Over the last two weeks, seven people have been issued with tickets and a further 16 people have been stopped and given words of advice as to where the correct route is, should they wish to cycle in the town centre.

“There has been an increase in the number of people pushing their bikes along Abington Street, as well as an increased number of people dismounting their bikes when they see officers patrolling.

“This is great to see and we hope that this trend continues to grow.”

Anyone seen riding along Abington Street will be issued with a £30 fixed penalty ticket and given words of advice.