Yob given ban from football grounds taunts Northamptonshire police officer on social media

The tweet sent by a convicted football fan to the county football officer for Northamptonshire Police.
The tweet sent by a convicted football fan to the county football officer for Northamptonshire Police.

A yob who has been banned from Northampton Town Football Club and England fixtures has been taunting a police officer online.

Danny Dickson, 23, was one of three people including Matthew Ward, 40, and Ryan Lee, 23, who all pleaded guilty to public order offences at Wellingborough Magistrates’ Court on Monday following an altercation at a match against Mansfield Town in August last.

The three men - all from Northampton - were all given a three-year football banning order, preventing them from attending regulated football fixtures involving Northampton Town Football Club and from attending England national team matches.

Following the publication of the story yesterday on this website, Dickson reacted on Twitter by tweeting PC Nick Price, the county football officer for Northamptonshire Police.

Writing from his Twitter feed, @Mr_Dickson91, Dickson said: “Congratulations Nick. See you in 3 years.”

His Twitter account’s personal profile reads: “Disgraced my country, home and away, branded a scum in nation (sic) newspapers. I even went in a ground once. So proud.”

He also published other messages on Facebook about the convictions.

The public order offences took place in Northampton on Saturday, August 9 last year, before the Northampton Town vs Mansfield Town football match at Sixfields stadium.

Following the sentencing PC Price said yesterday: “These offences happened on the opening day of the League Two football season and involved two groups of men, one from Northampton and one from Mansfield.

“Officers dealt with a public disorder incident before the match, preventing it escalating to more serious disorder. The incident was recorded by officers on body worn video cameras and, following a post-match investigation, we were able to identify the main offenders.

“We work hard to ensure those who attend football matches in our county can do so safely. We are very pleased with this result and hope it serves as a reminder that we will crack down on those who get involved in violence and cause disruption and disorder in our town.”

Northampton Town Football Club said it works closely with police and congratulated officers and stewards who dealt with some ‘challenging’ situations on the afternoon of August 9.

The club said it will not tolerate people who cause trouble at its games.