Warning for Northamptonshire homeowners of higher risk of burglary when the clocks go back

Northamptonshire homeowners need to make their properties as difficult for burglars to target as they love it when winter approaches and the nights draw in, according to police.

Thursday, 19th September 2019, 11:46 am
Burglary stock photo

With many people looking forward to the extra hour in bed on Sunday, October 27, burglars are looking forward to the cover of darkness winter brings.

Detective Sergeant Terry Rush from Northamptonshire Police’s burglary team, said: “Darkness really is a burglar’s best friend and every year, we see a spike in the number of burglaries committed during the winter months.

“Most burglars look for a soft target – homes without lights on that look unoccupied or homes which look insecure and easy to break into.

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Burglary stock photo

“By leaving a light on while you’re out, especially using a timer, you really will reduce your chances of being burgled.

"Similarly, we’d advise people to always keep their windows and doors locked and to not leave valuable items in view of anyone who may be looking for easy-pickings. Please don’t leave keys within easy reach either.

“We also recognise the huge benefits technology now has in terms of home security with things such as alarms, video doorbells and other remote monitored security cameras really helping us out in terms of investigating and preventing burglaries.

“Operation Crooked aims to make Northamptonshire a hostile environment for burglars and we hope that the public follow our advice and help us to make sure that there are no easy pickings for burglars in this county.”

If you notice any suspicious activity in your area, call police on 101.

For more advice on what you can do to protect your home this winter, visit www.northants.police.uk/crimeprevention