VIDEO: Friends of David Brickwood say he was a “lovely man” always ready for a “laugh and joke”

Murder victim David Brickwood was captured on the Google Streetview camera
Murder victim David Brickwood was captured on the Google Streetview camera

A friend of David Brickwood says he was a “well-liked man” who didn’t deserve what happened to him.

Speaking on the one-year anniversary of his death, Sue Hawkes, a long standing friend of the 74-year-old, recalls him as a ‘good man, well-loved and very badly missed”.

Mrs Hawkes who had been a friend and neighbour to David for more than 15 years, said she would always remember the first time she met him.

She said: “When we first moved in, he came in to see if he could help. Dave was a good friend, well loved.

“You still expect to see him out there with a cup of tea. All the cars that would go by, they would beep their horn and say ‘hello Dave’.”

Despite 12 months passing, Mrs Hawkes still thinks of Dave regularly: “I often sit there and think you can hear Dave shouting out. I know it sounds silly. Quite often still get choked up about it. It should never have happened. He was such a well-liked man. He had grandchildren. I can only imagine how they’re feeling. He is very badly missed. He was well liked.”

Recalling the night she discovered David had been killed, she said: “I felt really sick, imaging what he must have gone through, the last moments of his life. He didn’t deserve this, his family didn’t deserve this. They should be able to lay him to rest properly. “

Her last memory of Dave was the day he was murdered: “It was the same day, we were just having a laugh. He had a lovely laugh. He was a very nice man. We were chatting out the front on the very same day.”

Appealing to anyone with information, she urged: “I hope they have a little prang of conscience. Tell the police, because you’ve got to live with this the rest of your life.”

Another neighbour, Mr Stuart Austin, who had lived on the same street for more than 45 years and knew David, remembers him as: “An ordinary sort of bloke. He would do you a good turn, always friendly, just a good old boy.

“I used to speak to him on a regular basis, always ready to have a laugh and a joke.

“I would like to see someone bought to book for it. It’s terrible that something like that can happen.”