Victims asked to withdraw all of their money... in what could be the worst scam to hit Northamptonshire

In what could be a sketch from the series Phonejacker - scammers are calling homes in the county asking people to withdraw all their funds from their bank account and place them somewhere for safe collection.

Thursday, 12th September 2019, 10:22 am
Fraudsters are attempting to call homes in Northampton - offering customers the chance to arrange for their money to be collected.

Northamptonshire Police has been made aware of scam phone calls being made to residents in the county - whereby the caller states they are from a fraud investigation team at a bank.

The con-artists then ask the victim to go and withdraw all their money from their bank account due to 'fraudulent transactions'.

When this is complete the victims are encouraged to call a number to state they have their money safe, and it is believed that "collection of the money can then be arranged".

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A force spokesperson said: "Any calls similar to this are a scam. We would like to remind members of the public never to give out any personal details over the telephone and to report any such calls."

The scam is reminiscent of the Channel Four prank series Phonejacker - which featured a character who called on bank customers to remove 'monies' from their accounts. Further advice can be sought on the Action Fraud website.