Van crashes into the front of a Northamptonshire pub

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A Northamptonshire road has been closed after a van smashed into the front of a pub.

Police were called to the A5 at Pattishall after a van and car collided at around 1pm today.

As a result of the crash the van hit the front of the Red Lion pub at Fosters Booth and one of the vehicles started leaking Diesel.

Those involved in the crash suffered minor cuts and bruises but the pub porch has been severely damaged.

A police spokeswoman said the road is likely to be closed between Weedon and Towcester for the rest of the afternoon while the fuel spillage is cleared up.

Paul Howard, aged 45, who lives nearby, heard the bang as the van hit the front of the pub.

He said: “I heard a big bang and went outside to see what it was. The van had crashed into the pub and totally destroyed the porch. The car and van were badly smashed up and there was a lot of damage to the frotn of the pub.”

Mr Howard said he helped to guide traffic around the scene until police arrived and along with a few other passers-by he removed big cans of petrol which were in the back of the van away from the scene.

He said: “The van driver and passenger were stunned with shock. Their hands were shaking.”

He added: “The main structure of the pub is secure. It is just the porch that is completely destroyed.”