Two Northampton residents fined £500 after leaving bin bags out at the wrong time

Northampton Magistrates Court NNL-150303-120601001
Northampton Magistrates Court NNL-150303-120601001

Two people from Northampton have been ordered to pay £500 each for leaving their rubbish out for collection at the wrong time then failing to pay the fines.

Viola Chadzingwa, from Pitstone Road in Briar Hill, and Leon Parkes, from Broadmead Avenue in Abington, were both charged after Northampton Borough Council officers found rubbish sacks containing letters addressed to them outside their homes, and outside their allotted collection time slot.

Mr Parkes had been issued a letter in February 2014 by the council informing him of the time slot and warning him not to leave rubbish out outside of that time, even if he missed the collection.

Miss Chadzingwa also received a similar letter, explaining that rubbish could only be left out in the correct bin bags between 7pm on the evening before the collection date and 10pm on the collection day.

In both cases, in August last year, both residents were found to have left bin bags outside their home containing letters addressed to them, and were issued penalty notices ordering them to pay £50 within 10 days, or £80 within 14 days.

Neither of them either paid or appealed the charge so were summonsed to appear at Northampton Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

They did not appear in court but were charged with failure to comply with household waste collection requirements and were each ordered to pay the full £80 fine, £400 court costs and a victim surcharge of £20.