Specials in Northamptonshire contributed 100,000 policing hours this year

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More than 100,000 policing hours to the county have been provided this year by voluntary special constables in Northamptonshire, according to new figures.

The volunteers have contributed a total of 100,994 hours of policing over 13,242 shifts, meaning that each officer does 26.1 hours per month and 7.6 hours per shift.

During 2013 the figures were 70,510 hours, 9,489 shifts, 22.6 hours per officer per month and 7.5 hours per shift on average.

Northamptonshire Police has more Specials per head of the population than any other force in the country. By the end of 2014, it will have doubled the size of the Special Constabulary from 240 in 2013 to over 450.

Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Adam Simmonds said: “The aspiration of the force and my commission is huge in relation to all aspects of volunteering, but particularly so in relation to the Special Constabulary. This is a highly valued resource that provides us the best opportunity in these times on increasing the visibility of policing across the county and assisting in reaching the aspiration of becoming the safest place in the country. The challenge is significant but so are the rewards for the force, for individuals and for local people.”

Chief Superintendent Paul Fell, lead for the force projects for Specials and Volunteers, said: “It’s really important to recognise this huge contribution from the Special Constabulary to the policing of the county. This demonstrates not only the contribution of the Special Constabulary but also the significant efforts the force has made in recent times to better utilise their services and to expand the range of activity they are involved in.

“There’s no doubt that the county is a safer place as a result of the contributions of these specials.

“Despite this achievement we are still looking for people to get actively involved in the policing of the county, either by becoming a special or some other form of voluntary activity.

“The New Year often presents an opportunity for people to reflect and this will be a good time for anybody to consider if they can contribute in this area.”

“Anyone who is interested in becoming a special or volunteering with the police can find out more at northants.police.uk/careersandvolunteering where more information about being a special is also available.”