Special Constable who sent '˜friend request' to woman after '˜abusing his position' sacked from Northamptonshire Police

A Special Constable who sent a Facebook 'friend request' to a witness he had interviewed has been sacked for gross misconduct.

Monday, 8th August 2016, 4:55 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 7:09 pm

Special Constable 3626 Daniel Selcraig was the subject of disciplinary hearing at Wootton Hall today (Monday) following a misconduct investigation.

It was claimed that SC Selcraig attended an address to make enquiries into an incident where he spoke to a man.

The officer led the man’s female partner to believe it was necessary for her to be present when he took a witness statement from him and in the course of this interaction obtained her personal details.

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The officer subsequently made contact with the female via social media by sending her a “friend request”.

It was alleged SC 3626 SelCraig misled members of the public for his personal gain, sought to abuse his position and his conduct could have an adverse effect on the reputation of Northamptonshire Police.

After taking all the facts into consideration, panel chairman Joseph Spencer concluded that the most appropriate outcome was dismissal without notice.

He said: “We find that SPC Selcraig’s conduct does amount to gross misconduct.

“We find that he abused his position for his own personal interests and misled the witnesses for his own personal interests. This conduct could have a serious adverse effect on the reputation of Northamptonshire Police.

“One of the witnesses states these circumstances have left her feeling very uneasy. We regrettably agree that other members of the public could feel the same. This conduct could clearly affect the public confidence in Northamptonshire Police.

“For the reasons outlined above we find that the breaches are proven. Taking all the facts into consideration, the most appropriate outcome is dismissal without notice.”

SC Selcraig declined to attend the hearing.