'She was frightened in her own home': Jail for Northampton 'bully' who threatened to kill girlfriend

Adam Hare's campaign of abuse included beating her and looking through her phone to see who she spoke to.
Adam Hare's campaign of abuse included beating her and looking through her phone to see who she spoke to.

A Northampton "bully" who smashed his way into his girlfriend's house before breaking her ribs and threatening to kill her has been jailed.

Adam Hare, of Barnet Close, Delapre, tried to deny the weeks of abuse he dealt out on his partner to in early 2019, where he routinely shamed her in public and beat her in private.

But at his trial at Northampton Crown Court, the jury was "visibly shocked" by the extent of his crimes were explained to them.

It included an occasion where Hare repeatedly pushed his victim outside a Northampton supermarket and searched her for her mobile phone to check who she had been contacting. When members of the public tried to stop him, he threatened them too.

Another time, when she tried to run from his house, the 30-year-old pulled her by her hair to bring her back inside.

But at his sentencing at Northampton Crown Court yesterday (August 12), Her Honour Judge Adrienne Lucking set out Hare's worst attack that saw him break into his victim's home in a terrifying ordeal.

The judge said: "On that occassion, you persued her back to her home for some considerable distance [...] and you smashed the glass pane on her front door to enter the house.

"You punched her repeatedly and told her you were going to kill her.

"In the 999 call that followed, she was almost incomprehensible with fear."

The court heard how Hare's attacks on his victim broke two of her ribs, punctured and damaged her spleen.

The abuse began after Hare was released from prison in early 2019 - at which point he moved himself into the woman's house against her wishes.

"She was frightened of you and frightened in her own home," said Judge Lucking. "She had to lie to coworkers about her injuries. She lost friends. She lost her confidence and independence because of you.

"It was evident in your trial you had no remorse and an absolute lack of insight of any description.

"You are a dangerous offender."

The 30-year-old was handed to a nine-year prison sentence, for which he must spend a minimum of four years in jail. He was also given a restraining order preventing him from ever contacting his victim again or visiting her street.