Seven Northamptonshire police officers 'kicked, spat at and bitten' in series of assaults over the weekend

Library picture, Criminal Justice Centre, Northampton
Library picture, Criminal Justice Centre, Northampton

Seven police officers were assaulted in Northamptonshire over the weekend, the chief constable has revealed.

Chief Constable Simon Edens revealed the shocking figure in a tweet on his social media account yesterday.

"Seven @NorthantsPolice officers were assaulted last night (4 incidents). They were kicked, spat at, and bitten. All are ok. We must never treat assaults on public servants as just part of the job. Never. #ourpeople #police #safernorthants."

Supt Dennis Murray added: "#NeverAcceptable All ok, continued working and fit for duty. The commitment they have shown despite being spat at, kicked and punched is incredible. Thanks to @CarlWil0220 for ensuring support is in place @SuptVernon @c_hillery."

And the force's main account said: "We still can't believe this. Every day, our officers attend multiple incidents and are exposed to a number of distressing situations in order to fight crime and help keep the public safe. They don't deserve this abuse."