Rubberneckers gave police the finger while they rescue children from seven-vehicle crash near Northampton

A police officer has criticised motorists who gawped at a serious accident on the M1 before abusing emergency services as they drove past.

Friday, 8th December 2017, 12:37 pm
Updated Monday, 11th December 2017, 5:21 pm
The scene of the accident between junctions 15a and 16.

Police Constable Dave Lee was one of the officers who attended the crash, between junction 15a and 16 of the M1 on Wednesday evening along with paramedics and firefighters.

Eight vehicles were damaged - one of which contained several children - meaning queues of traffic northbound were very long.

However, PC Lee was staggered at the behaviour of some of those on the opposite carriageway, driving south.

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He tweeted: "Can’t believe people rubber necking M1 southbound shouting abuse at us and giving us the middle finger whilst we are treating and freeing those injured in this collision. Disgraceful behaviour. Shame on you."

His disappointment was echoed by several other, more respectful, drivers.

Martin Webster said: "Terrible! I was stuck and want to get home but so did all the poor people involved in the crash. You guys do a great job and the majority of us appreciate that."

Norman Brennan said he hoped the offenders would be caught: "Let's hope police have in-car video showing such behaviour with registration numbers.

"A £500 fine or more if convicted may well ensure their 'fingers' are gripping their steering wheel in future."

And Liz Peach said: "They better hope you good people don't need to help them some day."