Rise in booze admissions at Northampton General Hospital

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CONCERNS have been raised after a rise in the number of people being admitted to hospital in Northampton because of alcohol-related illnesses.

The figures, which have been published by the Local Alcohol Profiles for England, showed the number of “alcohol attributable” hospital admissions for women had increased from 566 in 2006-07 to 880 last year. It means the number of women who are taken to hospital because of binge drinking and alcohol abuse has gone up by 55 per cent in five years.

The number of men in Northampton being admitted to hospital because of alcohol abuse increased by 35 per cent, from 1,099 to 1,491 last year. The figures paint a gloomy picture for the town, with more and more people ending up in A&E because of alcohol-related issues, while the number of people who die from chronic liver disease is also above the regional average.

The figures also showed the county lagged behind the national average when it came to alcohol-related crimes and alcohol-related violence in 2010-11. Since then, Northamptonshire Police have launched Operation Challenge to tackle violence across the county. Paramedics have also set up a Dynamic Emergency Care Centre in the town to try to divert people away from A&E at weekends.