Pinched parrot back on her perch a month after being stolen from Northamptonshire home

Animal charity helps find Sky safe and well following social media appeals

Monday, 26th July 2021, 7:22 am
Updated Monday, 26th July 2021, 7:24 am

Thrilled owner Sarah White has been reunited with her beloved 20-year-old pure African Grey parrot a month after she was stolen from their South Northamptonshire home.

Sky is back on her perch thanks to the help of charity Beauty's Legacy, which reunites lost and stolen animals and promotes animal welfare.

Cash, jewellery and the beloved parrot were stolen from homes during two burglaries on the same road to Pimlico Farm in the small hamlet of Tusmore close to RAF Croughton.

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Northamptonshire Police are still investigating the burglaries between 8am and 3.25pm on June 18.

But Sky was found after a kindly member of the public contacted the charity following fresh appeals.

Charity founder, Lisa Dean, said: "We got her back from a location Bedfordshire.

"The parrot seems fine. As soon as she saw her owner she sang to her.


"We're happy to have her back safe and sound.

"She seems in quite good health. We can't thank the public enough."

■ For more information on the Beauty's Legacy see their website HERE or visit their Facebook page

Lisa added: "I started as a small voluntary group based on social media five-and-a-half years ago when my elderly cat Beauty went missing.

"We got her back after a week but had to pay a hefty reward and she sadly passed away a couple of hours later.

"I will never know what she went through but It opened my eyes to pet theft and Beauty's Legacy was born.

"Last year we decided to apply for charity status which we received in April this year. We are always looking for new sponsorship and support.

"We receive anything from three to ten calls a day asking for our help. We have reunited over 700 animals to date and we have an amazing team of ground searchers, drone pilots and experienced volunteers."