Northants Police officer guilty of misconduct after failing to fill in paperwork in timely manner

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A Northants Police officer has been given ‘management advice’ after he was found guilty of failing to complete the appropriate paperwork in a timely manner after a road traffic collision.

Police Constable Craig Skinns appeared before a misconduct hearing yesterday facing allegations that he had breached the standards of professional behaviour at the scene of a crash in May 2014 has found three alleged breaches to be not proven and one breach proven.

A professional standards investigation was carried out after a complaint was received against PC Skinns for his actions.

The investigation revealed conflicting accounts of whether PC Skinns had carried out a breathalyser test on a driver, how the incident had been classified, whether he had completed and submitted the necessary forms in a timely manner and whether his subsequent accounts of his actions were true.

Only one breach was found to be proven. The officer was found not to have completed the appropriate paperwork in a timely fashion, which amounted to misconduct and he was therefore given management advice.

PC Skinns has 10 working days to issue an appeal in writing if he so wishes.