Northamptonshire drugs raids: Three men jailed

Alberta Mazzoni, Chris Insaidoo and Gention Besholli
Alberta Mazzoni, Chris Insaidoo and Gention Besholli

Three men have been jailed for their part in supplying drugs to Wellingborough.

Gentian Besholli, 36, and Alberto Mazzoni, 24, who live at the same address in Ruskin Avenue, both pleaded guilty yesterday (Wednesday) at Northampton Crown Court to conspiracy to supply Class A drugs between November 24 last year and April 21 this year.

Neil Bannister, for the Crown Prosecution Service, told the court the pair worked at the Five Star Car Wash in Wellingborough.

Northamptonshire Police received information about the pair and undercover officers paid a visit in November and while having their car washed asked for and were sold some cocaine.

Undercover officers visited 16 times in total, on each occasion buying one gram of cocaine which was described in court as being ‘in the 60 or 70 per cent purity, on one occasion as high as 78 per cent’.

Mr Bannister said the pair spoke of the purity of the drug and their closeness to a source in Holland.

The undercover officers were also urged to buy larger amounts.

As he sentenced the two, Judge Rupert Mayo described the activities of Besholli and Mazzoni as ‘organised crime’ and said they used the car wash as a front for their drug selling.

He gave both four years and three months in jail.

Also sentenced was Chris Insaidoo, 21, of Mill Road, Wellingborough.

He admitted one charge of supplying cocaine, two of supplying heroin and one of possession of crack cocaine.

He was given two years eight months in jail after the court was told he started selling small amounts of drugs in the latter half of 2014 after running into financial trouble.

The three men appeared in court following a series of raids in the town recently, which have been described as the biggest in the county.