Northamptonshire doctor banned from working for the NHS over deadly spider venom probe

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A GP from Northamptonshire who was banned from working for the NHS after trying to buy deadly venom from the black widow spider and death stalker scorpion insists she is the victim of a ‘set-up’.

Rapinder Adekola was suspended last year after she and her husband James were found to have planned to research the use of the poisons to develop a new form of pain relief.

The couple, who share an interest in ancient remedies, intended to set up a laboratory at their home, storing the venoms in containers of liquid nitrogen. They have since emigrated to Australia after claiming to have been the victims of “continuous harassment and victimisation” in the UK.

Medical regulators barred Dr Adekola, 42, amid concerns that her patients and two young children could have been at risk if she had tried home-made cures on them.

She denied authorising her husband to purchase online toxins but admitted he had used her email account.

Dr Adekola arrived in Australia in August last year to follow up on a job offer and was in the midst of submitting her application when she was notified of her suspension by the General Medical Council. That suspension expired three months ago; allowing her to work in private practice under strict conditions.

However, she is still banned from working for the National Health Service.

Perceiving herself as the victim of a miscarriage of justice, Dr Adekola said she was the target of “institutional assault” by UK medical authorities.

She said: “The incidents and assaults we have endured would constitute enough to claim asylum outside the UK. I have good enough skills as a doctor and would be willing to work in remote areas and areas of need, maybe with indigenous Aboriginal people.”

The pair were initially arrested after they contacted a supplier to purchase the two types of venom, both of which are fatal to humans in small doses, and the company called the police.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said that while Dr Adekola and her husband were arrested on suspicion of fraud at Brackley on March 30, 2011, charges were never brought.

Dr Adekola joined Brackley Health Centre in 2005.