Northampton man who bought string of houses after defrauding popstars Rita Ora and VV Brown jailed

A former Northampton accountant who defrauded millions of pounds from a number of high profile clients - including popstars - has today been jailed for five years and eight months.

Wednesday, 8th May 2019, 6:21 pm
Former accountant Andrew Munday has been jailed for five years and eight months following a string of fraud.

Andrew Munday, aged 38, of Velocette Way, Duston, was remanded into custody after he admitted six counts of fraud and three counts of money laundering at a hearing before Northampton Crown Court three months ago.

Today (Wednesday, May 8) he appeared before the same court for sentencing where Judge Rupert Mayo was told how Munday had plundered cash from client accounts to fund a luxury lifestyle and his spiralling gambling habit.

The court heard Munday had defrauded a string of clients, some of whom were high profile and in the public eye, while employed by Blue Cube Business Ltd, formerly of Cheyne Walk.

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Armani watches were also bought with the fraud money.

Popstar Rita Ora and former Northampton hitmaker VV Brown were among his victims.

He also used the money to buy houses beyond his means including properties in Palmerston Road, Abington and Turnberry Lane, Collingtree, the latter of which later sold for £825,000.

Simon Davis, prosecuting, said Munday had “rifled the bank accounts of those he had been entrusted to manage” in order to spend the money on a lavish lifestyle, real estate and gambling.

Aggravating features included the sophistication of the fraud, the length of time, the seven years of offending, the forging of consultancy documents and falsifying bank accounts to obtain credit, he added.

Munday used some of his ill-gotten gains to buy this property in Turnberry Lane, Collingtree - for 825,000.

Speaking afterwards, DS Richard Barnett, of the force’s Financial Investigation team who managed the investigation, said: “This has been a lengthy and complex investigation dating back to 2016.

“Munday abused his position of trust, which has caused significant financial and emotional harm to all of the victims.

“I hope he will use his time in custody to reflect on his actions which have left a trail of misery in its wake.

“Thanks to the hard work of Northamptonshire Police’s Financial Investigation Team, who have worked tirelessly on this major case, we have been able to ensure this criminal conviction and sentence has been passed”.

Munday's Tottenham Hotspur season ticket.

“I hope too that this deters others from thinking that fraud is a legitimate way to make money – it isn’t and Northamptonshire Police will always pursue offenders.”