Northampton man locked dog in ‘squalid’ flat with no food or water for three days

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A Northampton warehouse worker has been banned from keeping dogs for five years he left his Staffordshire bull terrier cross-breed locked in his flat with no food or water for three days.

Craig Lloyd was also handed a £635 fine for leaving his pet Billy, at his home in Overslade House, Overslade Close, when he appeared at Northampton Magistrates Court on Monday.

In his defence the 22-year-old, who works as a warehouse packer, claimed he had left the animal in the care of a neighbour while he went to visit his seriously ill grandfather in January.

But prosecuting for the RSPCA, Kevin McColl, said the neighbour entrusted with the care of the dog was ‘physically incapable’ of checking on the animal due to health reasons.

Mr McColl added Billy had been left for at least 65 hours unattended and was in a ‘poor condition’ when RSPCA officers and police entered the property on January 6.

“The inside of the flat smelled strongly of urine,” he said. “It was very messy.

“There was no food or water available and there was faeces on the floor.”

He continued: “As no water was present for the dog - a vet felt the dog would have died within a week from dehydration.”

Lloyd will be able to appeal his ownership ban after two years.

The court heard that RSPCA officers were initially called to the flat at Overslade House because neighbours could hear barking.

When an officer attended on January 3, they could hear the dog and left sticky tape between the door handle and door to see if the owner returned to the property.

Officers return over the next three days to see the tape had not been moved and undertook a search warrant of the flat on January 6 with police officers.

Representing himself in court, Lloyd, who was charged for breaching his duty of care under he Animal Welfare Act, said he had gone to visit his grandfather because he felt he might not survive and added that he was ‘unaware’ the neighbour he left in charge of the dog had any ‘illnesses’.

He denied also giving the neighbour a false alibi to tell to police after Lloyd was arrested. “I should have taken better steps to make sure my dog was better looked after. “Lloyd added. “And I take full responsibility.”