David Brickwood was 74 when two raiders burst into his Northampton home and delivered a devastating assault in 2015. Londoner Cameron St Rose, 26, was charged with his murder last year but a judge ordered the jury to deliver a not guilty verdict this week after deciding there was not enough DNA evidence for a conviction.

Murdered David Brickwood joins these Northamptonshire victims whose killers have never been caught

Unsolved murders in Northamptonshire Police files include new-born baby and 76-year-old shopkeeper

By Kevin Nicholls
Sunday, 2nd May 2021, 7:20 pm

Attempts to nail the killer of Northampton grandfather David Brickwood hit the buffers this week as the trial of a man charged with his murder was dramatically halted.

A judge ruled there was insufficient evidence to prove Cameron St Rose was at the 74-year-old's Abington home when he was attacked in 2015.

The case is again one of more than 20 unsolved killings in Northamptonshire Police files — some dating back nearly 70 years.

On October 25, 1952, in the sleepy village of Ashton, near Oundle where popular gamekeeper George Peach, 64, and 67-year-old wife Lillian Peach were beaten to death at home in the middle of the night.

More than 100 men were questioned, but police could not make anything stick.

A teenager was also acquitted in 1988 of murdering 13-year-old Carol Baldwin who was stabbed in the chest in a park in Northampton. Elemer Patakfalvi was arrested and charged but prosecutors dropped the case against him.

Other horrific cases include the body of a baby who has never been unidentified after being discovered strangled and wrapped in cloth near Northampton train station in May 1982.

■ Cyril Fensome, 62, Florence Pennell, 60, and seven-year-old Stacey Darlington all died when petrol was poured through a letterbox in Northampton and set alight in 1987.

■ Three-year-old Callum Bland also died following an arson attack outside his home in Wellingborough in March 2007.

■ The body of Avis West, 82, was found by a neighbour after she was murdered at her home in Northampton in 1976.

■ Susan Ovens and Sidney Hickling, both 27, and Dolphus Smith, 57, were all shot at close range in their Rushden caravans in 1981.

■ Pensioner Percy Francis, 70, was stabbed and hit with an object in Rushden in 1988.

■ Twenty years ago, Mithat Lleshi, 23, and Astrit Cakoni, 28, were attacked outside a Northampton shop.

■ Abdi Leban, 32, died in a suspicious fire in a block of flats in Northampton in 2008.

■ Police launched a murder enquiry in 2015 into the disappearance of Helen Gormeley, 64, in 1986.

■ Albert Bowers, 57, died of a blood clot in 1998 after being beaten in Northampton.

Anyone with information on any of these cases can contact Northamptonshire Police on 101, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

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