Most wanted: Ten people who Northamptonshire Police want to speak to regarding domestic abuse

These are the first ten people named and pictured in a month-long police campaign

By Carly Odell
Friday, 17th December 2021, 10:45 am
Updated Friday, 17th December 2021, 10:46 am

As part of a campaign to crackdown on domestic abuse, Northamptonshire Police has published the faces of ten people they want to speak to regarding cases.

Officers are currently working through a ‘most wanted’ list of those responsible for high-harm domestic abuse, stalking and harassment, and will publicly name and circulate photographs unless the individuals voluntarily come forward for questioning.

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Top row, left to right: Rafal Dobosz, Machi O’Brien, Ryan Petrons, Nicola McGillquote, Luqman Hansrod Bottom row, left to right: Tylah Chapman, Uldi Bolodis, Richard White, Andrius Parazinskas, Iulian Garcea. Photos: Northamptonshire Police.

Detective Chief Inspector Mark Hopkinson from the force’s Domestic Abuse Team (DAT), previously said: “Tackling domestic abuse is a matter of priority for this force – regardless of whether it’s Christmas.

“However, incidents are known to increase during the festive season and that’s why the DAT has been set the task of arresting the county’s most wanted offenders.

“We owe it to the victims to do everything in our power to protect them.

“The tactic of publicising the most wanted has worked very successfully in the past, with many offenders handing themselves in at police stations across the county.

“Previously, some offenders expressed discomfort about having their photos circulated in the media, so I strongly urge those who don’t want their name and photo circulated to voluntarily hand themselves in for questioning now, so their details can be removed from the list.”

The first ten on the most wanted list are named and pictured above:

Top row, left to right

Rafal Dobosz (aged 42) – quote ref: 2*637086

Machi O’Brien (aged 27) – quote ref: 2*514183

Ryan Petrons (aged 26) – quote ref: 21*537982

Nicola McGill (aged 30) – quote ref: 21*640117

Luqman Hansrod (aged 27) – quote ref: 21*699116

Bottom row, left to right

Tylah Chapman (aged 19) – quote ref: 21*644046

Uldi Bolodis (aged 36) – quote ref: 2*599074

Richard White (aged 44) – quote ref: 20*538622

Andrius Parazinskas (aged 43) – quote ref: 21*191701

Iulian Garcea (aged 35) – quote ref: 21*334618

Police are also looking to speak to Harry Quinnell (aged 25) with reference: 21*711501. There is no image available for Quinnell.

A police spokeswoman added: "To help secure arrest, photographs of the offenders will be circulated via our social media channels and Force website. These individuals are urged to hand themselves in for questioning."

Officers say these individuals should not be approached.

Anyone who sees them or knows of their whereabouts should call Northamptonshire Police on 101, quoting the relevant reference number listed above.