More residents come forward to police after allegedly being scammed by Kingsthorpe 'con man'

The reports 'mostly' come from the Kingsthorpe area but police want residents living in surrounding areas to be 'vigilant'

Tuesday, 21st September 2021, 6:37 pm
Residents allege that they have been approached by a 'con man' in the Alexander Terrace area of Kingsthorpe. Photo: Google Maps

More residents have reported to the police that they have been scammed by a 'con man' operating in the Kingsthorpe area.The Chronicle & Echo published an article last Monday (September 13) after several residents posted on social media alleging that a man has been approaching residents in Kingsthorpe to tell them 'sob stories' in a bid to persuade them to part with their money to help him out.

Northamptonshire Police have confirmed that, since the publication of the article, more residents have come forward to provide witness statements to officers to help them build a case.

A spokeswoman for Northamptonshire Police said: "We have had quite a few reports come in following this article – all about the same individual. A variety of stories have been made up – the most popular one being that his son is in hospital in Coventry and he needs money for a taxi. All of these reports are being looked into.

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"We would continue to encourage people to report these incidents to us. They are still mostly in the Kingsthorpe area but we would still want other people living in surrounding areas to be vigilant to this type of attempted fraud."

Residents allege they have encountered the same man in Sunnyside, Duston and Kingsthorpe Hollow with his latest whereabouts being reported in Alexander Terrace in Kingsthorpe.

Other false claims the 'con man' has made to trick locals into helping him by giving him money include being locked out of his house and needing money to call his wife, his daughter being in hospital with Covid and needing money for a taxi, his son being in hospital after being run over by a car and needing money for a taxi and losing his van work keys.

A picture or description of the man associated with these allegations can not be published by any newspaper at this time as it would risk causing prejudice to imminent court proceedings if any individuals are charged in connection with these fraudulent claims.

Another police spokeswoman said that the police would like to thank all witnesses who have come forward, following their appeal regarding the incidents in Kingsthorpe. She said: "The information they have provided is being followed up part of the ongoing investigation and we would encourage anyone else who may have been approached by this individual but has not yet reported it to us, to contact police on 101 quoting incident number 20000289890.”