Man imprisoned for two years after police uncover nearly £4,000 of cannabis at Northampton home

The offender has previously been convicted of 49 offences, court heard

By Megan Hillery
Monday, 27th June 2022, 4:03 pm

A Northampton man has been sent to prison for two years after police uncovered thousands of pounds of cannabis at his home address in addition to drug supply equipment.

Darren Anderson, aged 51, of St Paul’s Road, appeared at Northampton Crown Court on Monday, June 27 charged with possession of Class B drugs with intent to supply it to persons unknown.

The court heard that police executed a search warrant at Anderson’s home on March 11 earlier this year, when the defendant was present. There, officers discovered between 300g and 400g of cannabis in addition to scales, a vacuum packing machine and bags.

Darren Anderson, aged 51, was imprisoned for two years at Northampton Crown Court on Monday, June 27.

The quantity of cannabis recovered from Anderson’s home was valued between £2,360 and £3,710 - the court heard.

Liam Muir, in mitigation, told the court that Anderson has had “ingrained drug issues for a very long time,” which he added is often a feature of someone with a “lesser role” in the supplication of drugs.

Mr Muir said Anderson has shown “significant compliance” with his probation appointments and commented that he has done well in custody, reducing his methadone levels.

Anderson has previously been convicted of 49 offences, that date back to 1998, including possession of cannabis, amphetamines and heroin with intent to supply and being involved in drugs operation for which he was given a 24 month prison sentence suspended for 24 months in 2020.

Her Honour Judge Rebecca Crane found that, in committing this offence, Anderson breached his suspended prison sentence.

Judge Crane, discussing Anderson’s attitude to probation, said: “You have three unacceptable absences. Probation officers described your compliance as indifferent due to your chaotic lifestyle and long standing drug addiction.”

Anderson was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment for breaching his suspended prison sentence and a further 12 months for the possession of Class B drugs with intent to supply to be served consecutively. This means Anderson will serve a total of two years imprisonment.

Judge Crane additionally ordered for the forfeiture and destruction of all the drugs seized from Anderson’s home and paraphernalia.