‘Full of hate and anger’: How a Northampton man subjected pregnant teenage girlfriend to catalogue of abuse

The court heard how the 21-year-old placed his foot on his partner’s stomach and told her, ‘I am going to kill what is inside of you’

By Megan Hillery
Friday, 6th May 2022, 10:05 am

A Northampton man has been imprisoned after more than a year of assaulting and abusing his pregnant former partner, which culminated in her suffering a miscarriage and ongoing panic attacks.

Caylum Young, aged 21, of no fixed abode, appeared at Northampton Crown Court on Thursday, May 5 after pleading guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm (ABH), engaging in controlling and coercive behaviour in a relationship and assault by beating.

Andrew Fitch-Holland, prosecuting, said the victim described Young as “loving and caring” in the first few months of their 18-month relationship. However, she said the relationship soon took a turn and she saw a different side to him that was “full of hate and anger”.

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Caylum Young, aged 21. Photo: Northamptonshire Police.

The court heard that Young was “habitually violent” towards his former partner, pinning her to the wall by her neck, punching her nose, biting her cheek, smothering her with a pillow, pulling her hair out and throwing items at her.

Mr Fitch Holland described to the court how the victim sat on the floor weeping and Young stood over her laughing, making threats to have her raped, saying he would kill her and telling her: “Don’t be surprised why I hit you, you’re ****.”

Mr Fitch-Holland said that Young would do this “out of the blue” and “always behind closed doors.” He added that the victim linked her abuse to the defendant not being able to obtain cannabis.

The court heard that Young’s campaign of violence continued even after his then partner fell pregnant and, at one point, he placed his foot on her stomach and told her, “I am going to ******* kill what is inside of you.” The victim eventually suffered a miscarriage.

Mr Fitch-Holland described how Young controlled his victim from the clothes she would wear to when she could take a shower and even alienated her from her mother. Other incidents included Young putting a knife to his former partner’s throat and chasing her out of the house with a kettle of hot water before throwing it over her, the court heard.

The prosecution added that Young destroyed the victim’s work laptop and phone and bombarded her workplace with phone calls, masquerading as a customer to make complaints about her performance. This led to her being dismissed from her job.

Despite two domestic violence prevention orders being made, Young would threaten his former partner and her family with violence if she did not return to him, the court heard.

Liam Muir, defending Young, said: “He has a long way to go but there are promising signs,” and described Young as “someone who understands their issues and is engaging [with probation].”

Mr Muir told the court that engaging with someone showing this “concerning” pattern of behaviour whilst they are young is “very important” and the work that can be done in custody is “limited.”

Her Honour Judge Rebecca Crane said: “The 18 months of your violence and control made her feel worthless and she still suffers from panic attacks.”

Judge Crane sentenced Young to 34 months imprisonment and imposed a restraining order lasting five years.