Frustration as £1,500-worth of dresses stolen from mother-and-daughter's shop in Northamptonshire

A Northampton woman and her mother have been left exasperated after £1,500-worth of dresses were stolen from their shop - the fourth robbery in as many years.

The group of four thieves worked together to distract the owners of as they pretended to buy the four dresses but grabbed them and ran away on August 7.

Stefanie Williams, of Roe Road, hurt herself as she chased the crooks who just jeered at her before getting in the getaway car that was waiting for them.

Her mother Dawn Willaims said: "It has made us very nervous in here but we don't know what to do.

"We will get on with it and we have some lovely customers who've given us flowers but if someone wants to steal our dresses there's not much we can do about it."

Stefanie Jayne's dress shop in Mawsley, near Kettering, has been robbed of items worth thousands of pounds every year it has been open since 2016, all between July and September.

The four dresses, worn by models, stolen from Stefanie Jayne's dress shop

The four dresses, worn by models, stolen from Stefanie Jayne's dress shop

In last week's incident, two women and two teenage boys came into the store to collect four dresses one of the women had tried on a couple of weeks ago, even leaving a deposit.

Dawn said the boys went to pick up the bagged-up dresses before they had been bought, but then one of the women knocked over a load of handbags to distract her.

By the time the card they used to pay for the dresses was declined, the boys had taken the dresses and left the shop on Barnwell Court, with the women following them.

Dawn and Stefanie split up to track them down, with the daughter finding them first.

Stefanie Jayne's dress shop in Mawsley

Stefanie Jayne's dress shop in Mawsley

She ran after them but tripped over and hurt her elbow - they initially thought it was broken and went to A&E but it was just bruised.

Dawn believes they had no intention of paying for the dresses as a man was waiting in a car nearby, which they used to escape, jeering and cheering as they drove off.

"We are a bit aggrieved at the moment as £1,500-worth of dresses is a lot of money - it's not a lipstick from Boots, it's a lot of money for us," she said.

They have CCTV footage of the whole thing, as well as dashcam footage from a nearby car, the getaway car's licence plate and pictures of the stolen dresses.

Despite this, police officers told the owners that there was nothing more they could do about the robbery as they did not have time - but a police spokesman says the force is investigating.

"We're a bit disgruntled because where do we go from here? If someone wants to smash the front of the shop in, what are we going to do as we've got no assistance," she said.

Dawn said they will be locking the doors with a remote key like a jeweller's and asking customers for ID for security purposes as a result, which she added was 'not ideal'.

"But because there were four of them and two of us so if we had locked them in then we would have come off worse for us as they would've got violent," she said.

Anyone with information should call police on 101.