Family evicted from Northamptonshire home after drugs found during search

Bags of heroin
Bags of heroin

A family who caused misery to their neighbours with continued acts of anti-social behaviour have been evicted from their Kettering Council property after drugs were found there.

Despite a court order secured last year banning the tenant, her partner and their children from further breaches of tenancy, drugs were recovered following three searches at the address in recent months.

Kettering Council declined to make the address public.

Neighbours complained to the council and police about the high numbers of people visiting the property, as well as the nuisance caused to them by the behaviour of the children.

The council and Northamptonshire Police have worked closely together to resolve the situation and improve the quality of life for the neighbouring residents.

John Conway, head of housing at Kettering Council, said: “The council will not hesitate to take action against people who make their neighbours’ lives a living hell.

“Drug dealers, in particular, will not be tolerated on our housing estates.”

Insp Adam Ward, Kettering area commander at Northamptonshire Police, said: “There are those that choose to involve themselves in criminality – but often in these situations victims of these people have very little choice.

“Individuals and families alike that choose to make our communities less safe will be relentlessly pursued without exception”.