Family of David Brickwood left wth '˜no justice' a year on from his brutal murder

The lead detective in the investigation to find David Brickwood's murderers has appealed to the conscience of anyone who has any information about the circumstances of his 'brutal' death.

Monday, 26th September 2016, 12:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:45 pm

Despite six arrests in the case, nobody has been charged with the murder of the popular 74-year-old, who was attacked in his home in Lindsey Avenue, Abington, Northampton, in the early hours of September 26, 2015.

Mr Brickwood was stabbed several times and later died in hospital.

Detective Chief Inspector Louise Hemingway, leading the investigation, said she believed the crime was “premeditated” and the pepetrators knew they had killed him.

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Detective Chief Inspector Louise Hemingway is leading the investigation into David Brickwood's murder

She said: “David was a 74-year-old gentleman who had lived in Lindsey Avenue for many years. He was widely known by the local community and a popular neighbour and friend to those living in the area. He was a hardworking man, running a business from his home. He was a man who would regularly help his neighbours.

“David was attacked in his bedroom in the middle of the night and left alone and injured in his home. He managed to ring the police at 2.03am on Saturday, 26 September. Despite officers giving him first aid, David had been badly injured and sadly died.

“It is now one year on and we are still searching for the people or person who killed David. No one has been charged with this brutal crime. The person or people who did this are walking free.

“I believe someone targeted David, they planned to rob him and were prepared to use violence on an elderly man to get what they wanted. This was planned, which means it will have been talked about before the murder and almost certainly afterwards, when the people who did this, realised they had killed David.”

Detective Chief Inspector Louise Hemingway is leading the investigation into David Brickwood's murder

Mrs Hemingway said police would still like to find out more information about two Ford Focus cars seen near David’s house on the night of his murder.

She said: “Someone will have seen them, or know who was driving these in the area at the time. Anyone with information about these cars should contact the investigation team.

“There are people who have crucial information about who murdered David and it is these people we are appealing to today.

“David was defenceless in bed at his home when he was brutally attacked. His family are left with no answers and no justice. We know there are rumours and speculation locally. We know people have spoken to Crimestoppers, but we need the people who know what happened to David to contact us directly. If you have information that could assist the Police investigation, please speak with me or the investigation team. Help us get justice for David.”

If you have any information call police on 101.

A Crimestoppers reward of up to £10,000 remains available for any information leading to a successful arrest and prosecution.