"Drunk man" fights THREE school children and threatens to SHOOT them on bus in Northampton during broad daylight attack

"He [the attacker] was saying he had a gun and would shoot people. They are obviously very ill and shouldn’t be on our streets."

Wednesday, 13th October 2021, 4:08 pm
The attack reportedly happened when the bus was close to the new Aldi store in Weedon Road

A reportedly "drunk" man attacked three teenagers and threatened to shoot them while on a bus home from school in Northampton.

The attack was reported on a popular community Facebook page which said that a "middle-aged drunk man" attacked the school students on a busy number 15 bus going from the town centre towards Sixfields on Tuesday (October 12) at around 4.20pm.

The post goes on to say one of the teenagers, a 15-year-old boy, was "punched in the nose" even though he was "not getting involved at all [in the fight]".

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The post reads: "My daughter, who was on the bus, thinks that his nose is broken. She stayed for a police statement but he [the boy] walked off with a few others. I am incredibly upset about this boy and really want to make sure he is okay."

Stagecoach Bus company has said it is "shocked" by the incident and is working with the police.

The Chron got in touch with the boy's father who said his son is okay.

The father said: "My son is okay but he is still shocked about how the whole thing happened and the abuse to the girls.

"Our son couldn’t stay at the scene, he needed to go home.

"[I'm] thankful as it could have been much worse.

"He [the attacker] was saying he had a gun and would shoot people.

"I hope the police find the person, as they are obviously very ill and shouldn’t be on our streets.

"I think the bus companies [Stagecoach] need to think about how they react in a situation like this as the driver should have stopped and all got off.

"All in all, I don’t feel happy about them on public transport anyway. And to top it off, this was his little brother's first journey on the bus back from school as we usually collect them.

"Very upsetting in more ways than one."

Northamptonshire Police said they are investigating the attack and described it as a "horrible incident".

A Northamptonshire Police spokeswoman said: "This happened in Weedon Road at about 4.20pm when a man on the bus assaulted a number of children. At least three children were injured – a 15-year-old boy, 17-year-old girl and 13-year-old girl. Horrible incident.

"We are investigating this incident in order to locate the man. Witnesses are encouraged to come forward as are any children who were assaulted but haven’t yet made a report to us."

A Stagecoach Bus spokesman said: "Our customers and our employees have a right to be able to travel on public transport safely. We are shocked by this incident and our first thoughts are for the young people affected, as well as their families. Our driver became aware of the issue at the time and contacted the police.

"It is regrettable that anti-social and criminal behaviour can happen in any public place, including public transport, although thankfully incidents such as this are very rare.

"We are supporting the police in any way that we can to help identify those responsible. "