Defendant accused of killing Northamptonshire man claims he ‘did not realise’ his vehicle had collided with anyone

Crown Court GV'
Crown Court GV'

A driver who allegedly killed a 60-year-old Northamptonshire man after hitting him with his car told a jury he did not realise his vehicle had collided with anyone.

A trial is currently being held at Northampton Crown Court in the case of Mohammed Hirsi who is accused of killing Lorenzo Gallucci in Splash swimming pool car park in Station Road, Rushden.

Hirsi is also alleged to have damaged a Volkswagen Passat and is charged with affray in relation to an incident outside the Rushden Old Band Club in the early hours of September 21, 2014.

On Tuesday, Hirsi appeared on the witness stand and admitted he had armed himself with a wheel brace after becoming concerned for his safety.

Hirsi said he had been the victim of racial abuse and had been punched by a man outside the club.

In cross examination, Hirsi agreed with a suggestion by Andrew Copeland, prosecuting, that he had smashed the window of the car to “defuse the situation”.

Hirsi said he then went back to his Renault Megane which was in the Splash car park and he said he was pursued by a group of men who attacked his vehicle.

The court heard that he saw a “gap in the crowd” and then left the car park.

Hirsi said he did not realise his vehicle had collided with anyone and he then drove back to his home in London. He said he only found out about Mr Gallucci’s injuries the next day.

The jury has previously heard the prosecution case is that Hirsi used his car as a “weapon” to deliberately drive towards Mr Gallucci.

In his opening, Mr Copeland said: “Hirsi did not put his car in the direction of the exit ramp. He did not manoeuvre his car safely.

“Witnesses will describe high revving of the engine and tyres squealing as he drove forward.”

Hirsi is charged with manslaughter, affray and damaging a Volkswagen Passet. He denies all the charges.

The trial continues.