Couple ‘terrified’ after race attack on Northampton street

Mohammed Raja who was the victim of a racially aggravated attack.
Mohammed Raja who was the victim of a racially aggravated attack.

AN ASIAN man who was head-butted and punched in a “brutal” unprovoked racist attack has said he is now too scared to go out in Northampton.

Mohammed Raja, a Pakistani national, aged 24, was walking along Harborough Road, in Kingsthorpe with his wife at about 8pm last Monday when they were approached by a man who was drinking a can of alcohol.

Mr Raja said the couple crossed the road near to The Cock Hotel pub after the man made a racist comment towards them. But the man followed Mr Raja and his wife across the road and then head-butted him in the face, before punching him.

Mr Raja, who has lived in Northampton for three years, said: “I’ve never had anything like this happen to me before in Northampton

“It does make you think twice about walking in the streets. I don’t go out now. I try to stay inside but it’s hard not to think about it.

“We are both really keen walkers and that is what we were doing on the day of the attack, but we don’t walk anywhere now. We always use the car.

“We crossed the road in order to avoid him but he came over and blocked our way. He headbutted me in the face and then, when I got my phone out, he punched me.

“It was brutal, unprovoked and horrific.”

Mr Raja suffered a swollen nose and cuts around his nose and mouth as a result of the attack.

He said: “My physical injuries are now subsiding but the attack still affects us.

“My wife has given up her job because she does not want to walk home alone in Northampton.”

Police are appealing for any information about the attacker, who had a Pitbull-type dog with him, and was carrying a carrier bag which may have contained more alcohol. He was swaying and appeared to be drunk.

Police believed a male jogger and a man sitting in a car in the vicinity of the attack may have seen what happened, and are appealing for them to come forward with any information they may have.

A spokesperson for Northamptonshire Police said: “Street drinking is anti-social and can lead to criminal behaviour, as was the case in this particular incident.

“We are asking everyone to consider their responsibilities around alcohol in an attempt to drive down alcohol-related crime and disorder. Please let us know if you have concerns about anyone drinking anti-socially, by ringing 101.”