Crick mum names baby after hotel her waters broke in during sister's hen-do

A new mum from Crick has paid tribute to the hotel where her waters broke by naming her daughter after it.

Thursday, 19th April 2018, 5:34 pm
Updated Friday, 20th April 2018, 7:51 am
Mum Stephanie and Evie Grace Abigail 'Abbey' Kendall

Stephanie Kendall, 27, had enjoyed her sister Jessica’s hen party, held at Coombe Abbey Hotel, near Coventry, before heading off to bed when at 5.45am she began having stomach pains and her waters broke.

She chose not to wake her mum and sister as she didn’t want to disturb them after they had enjoyed the bride-to-be’s celebrations.

Instead, Stephanie - who was 36 weeks pregnant at the time - called her dad who drove from the family home in Crick to pick her up.

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He took her to Northampton General Hospital, where she was checked on by nurses and later gave birth to her first child Evie, whose middle name Abigail or Abbey is a tribute to the hotel.

“I chose Abigail as a middle name just to take me back to that night, we all had such a great time and it is a good story to tell Evie when she is older," said Stephanie.

“I wasn’t expecting to have my baby any time soon, I was about four weeks off my due date.

“That’s why we organised for the hen do to be held in March, Jessica isn’t getting married until June.

“She was teasing me throughout the night saying she had this feeling that the baby was going to come at some point.

“I was woken up with stomach pains but didn’t want to wake anyone else up, we all had such a good night and they needed to rest."

Evie and Stephanie are now back at the family home in Crick, where she has been visited by her family and friends.

“It has been hectic since Evie was born, so many people have wanted to come and see her, plenty of family and friends have been over to wish her love," said Stephanie.

“I am so happy, although she has decided that she is going to be nocturnal, so that will take some getting used to.”

Ron Terry, general manager at Coombe Abbey, said: “We are delighted Stephanie has chosen to remember her night with us in such a beautiful way and it is a huge honour to have that little nod in Evie’s name.

“We would also like to congratulate Stephanie on the birth of her child and wish them both a healthy and happy future.

“We would love to them to pay us a visit when they are in the area – so we can toast Evie’s arrival.”