Couple who met at Buddies settle into new baking roles at Northampton's Magee Street

Magee Street Bakery is home to some of the finest scotch eggs Northampton can clamp its jaws around.

Friday, 4th January 2019, 7:41 am
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 2:17 pm
Carl and Jooles pictured together behind their counter in Derby Road.

Husband and wife Jooles and Carl Joyce are responsible for making up to 100 hand-made scotch eggs containing a golden yolky goodness enjoyed by townsfolk far and wide every Sunday.

The married pair took on Magee Street Bakery and coffee house three months ago and are still getting used to waking up at the crack of dawn.

They have collectively worked for Buddies restaurants for 37 years and have 50 years of catering knowledge between them.

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Carl and Jooles pictured together behind their counter in Derby Road.

Now they are following their dreams, making delicious pastries, cakes and sarnies.

"We both had a dream of opening our own restaurant but never really thought about a bakery as such," Carl said.

"It is hard work being a small business anywhere but doing what we do with 50 years of catering experience between us is fairly standard.

"But as for being bakers, we are learning on the job and there have been successes and failures along the way but we take that as a challenge. So you could say we got what we wanted but also fell into to it as well."

The couple are thinking about extending their vegan food range, especially cake.

Jooles did work at Magee Street Bakery for two years, while it was under different ownership, and learned the ropes of baking. But she, as well as Carl, are still learning on the job.

Carl added: "Jooles has a massive passion for baking and applied for the job here originally to hone her skills.

"I wanted to have my own business, but when the opportunity arose to buy Magee Street Bakery we snapped Elliot and Alfie's hand off.

"It seemed like a great business and we thoroughly enjoy it."

The small bakery and coffee house originally opened back in January 2015 before Jooles and Carl took it over three months ago.

After switching their alarm clocks off before most of us stir in our beds, the pair are already on site at 6am, kneading and baking their sourdough, seeded, plain and house bread, Pain De Magee, for sale and consumption the next day.

That's the first job of the day before they tackle the gourmet hand-cut sandwiches, with fillings including halloumi and buttermilk chicken, which are also prepped on site with Carl taking the lead.

On weekends scotch eggs are soft boiled and wrapped in sausage meat. It's not your bog standard scotch egg that attracts the queues, though.

It's the couple's ability to think outside the box, customers might say. Chorizo, is a firm favourite and punters have been partial to their most recent eggs Benedict trial run.

The owners, who employ seven people including baristas, say a cafe expansion is on the horizon and extra recipes are likely too with a big focus on vegan pastries and puddings this year.