County council: congestion has ‘significantly eased’ at problem B&Q roundabout in Northampton

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Congestion at a Northampton roundabout that some motorists have branded confusing and dangerous has eased, Northamptonshire County Council has said.

The B&Q roundabout in Towcester Road attracted controversy when the single lane heading towards Delapre was split in two with new arrows painted on the road.

Many were confused by the fact the left-hand lane directs cars straight on only to then change to ‘left only’ within 25 metres.

It has led to drivers being cut up on a regular basis by those not familiar with the quirk.

Northamptonshire County Council has responded to the criticism, saying it has installed new signs to aid motoristes, and explained that the road layout allows more vehicles to use the area - which is soon to see a new Lidl supermarket built.

A spokesman said: “Northamptonshire Highways have recently installed additional signage on Towcester Road and continue to monitor the scheme.

“One of the key objectives behind the scheme was to allow for future growth in the area and future traffic movements and capacity.

“This is the reason for the current lane configuration with the B&Q roundabout arrangement the same as before.

“We will continue to monitor the situation and audits show that road users are using the lanes and new layout as required and that congestion has significantly eased.”

Councillor Julie Davenport, (Lab, Delapre and Briar Hill), said the solution was far from ideal and will not stand up to increased traffic.

She said: “This will need to be looked at again if they ever are able to join up St. James Mill Road and St James Mill Road End.

“If this joining up goes ahead then traffic volume will increase further and the right hand will be overused.

The new present layout is causing a bit of confusion, while I realise a perfect solution is not possible due to limited space, I think it will have to be re-considered.”