Councillor to fund stolen ‘no cycling’ signs for ‘dangerous’ Northampton pavement

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Pedestrians are in danger of being seriously injured by cyclists who ignore the law on busy a Northampton shopping street, a councillor has said.

The illegal riders are causing danger to shoppers in Kingsley Park Terrace, to the extent that ward councillor Catherine Russell (Lab, Kingsley) has has several near-misses reported to her.

A recent 20-minute observation with a PCSO saw five cyclists riding dangerously on the pavement and spoken to, she said.

However she claimed that, aside from fist-waving by startled shoppers, there was little to discourage problem cyclists.

She said: “One problem is that it seems no on-the-spot fines can be issued by PCSOs unless it can be proved that the cyclist had been warned previously, which is difficult.

“The other is that several of the signs reminding people of the rules have been stolen.”

Councillor Russell said she will use some of her personal funding to buy new signs.

And she is seeking a meeting with police and Northamptonshire County Council to discuss solutions, such as dividing the pavement into pedestrian and cycle lanes.

She said: “With the number of students in Northampton increasing, the problem is only going to get worse.

“Someone is going to get seriously hurt. It’s not a case of if but when.”

However Northamptonshire County Council said that, due to the number of shop frontages and the high footfall, it is unlikely that Kingsley Park Terrace would get a pedestrian / cycling ‘shared-use surface’.

A spokeswoman said the local authority would look into the problem, however.

“Cycling is not permitted on any pavement and so we need to encourage cyclists to use the roads. Therefore we are always looking to improve provision for cyclists and we will be working closely with the police to see whether there any steps we can take.”