Councillor calls lack of buses for Northampton residents 'an injustice' as petition hits 400 signatures

A Northampton councillor has called the complete lack of public transport on offer for her residents "an injustice".

Tuesday, 25th September 2018, 4:04 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th September 2018, 5:09 pm
Councillor Cathrine Russell (bottom left) has called the lack of public transport on Kingsley Road "an injustice".

Councillor Cathrine Russell says her constituents have been left "stranded" after a rework of bus routes in Northampton left two major streets in Kingsley without any buses.

Dozens of elderly residents in Kingsley Road and Kingsthorpe Grove have contacted the Chronicle & Echo since the beginning of August to say they are now "prisoners in their own home" without their regular bus.

Now, a Chronicle petition to reinstate the stripped-down No 19 Violet Uno bus service back on its original route once an hour has gained over 400 signatures in just five days.Councillor Russell (Lab, Kingsley) has thrown her support behind the campaign and is calling for the No 19 to return to Kingsley Road.

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She said: "It's the most appalling situation. Residents in Kingsley feel abandoned, isolated, frustrated and angry. They cannot get out to see their families or their doctors.

"I think it's an injustice that so many residents don't have access to public transport."

The No 19 Violet bus route was shortened at the beginning of August by operators Uno to better accommodate students and staff commuting to the new Waterside Campus.

However, the new route now omits Kingsley Road, Kingsthorpe Grove, Boughton Green Road and Links View.

It has left hundreds of residents stranded without public transport.

The Chronicle & Echo is now petitioning Uno to reinstate the bus service on its original route once an hour to help these residents.

County councillor for Northampton's St George ward Anjona Roy (Lab) said: "I think accepting that this service is gone and not fighting for it is not the way to go about things. Local people have been deeply affected by this route.

"I have been contacted by residents who have had to quit their volunteer work as a result of losing this bus, which is a detriment to the town as a whole. If you are not directly affected by losing this route there are quite probably a few ways you are affected indirectly."