Council wins injunction against persistently abusive tenant

A tenant who bombarded Northampton Borough Council with offensive emails has been issued an injunction.

Edward ‘Teddy’ McNabb, aged 56, is now only allowed to contact specific people at the council after sending intimidating and abusive emails.

At Northampton County Court yesterday, the council secured an indefinite injunction against McNabb who must also pay almost £1,800 costs.

He is forbidden from acting in a threatening manner, causing harassment, alarm or distress to any employee, agent or councillor of Northampton Borough Council, or communicating, whether physically, verbally, electronically or in writing, with councillors or employees.

However, he is allowed to contact councillors Tony Clarke, Malcolm Mildren, Jean Hawkins and eight named people, including the authority’s solicitor. He is expressly banned from contacting three named employees as well as chief executive David Kennedy and councillors Dennis Meredith and Tony Woods. He had accused staff and councillors of collusion.

Should McNabb, of Aldbury Road, Blackthorn, break the terms of the injunction, he faces a fine, imprisonment or both.

A spokeswoman for Northampton Borough Council said: “We asked the court for an injunction as a last resort after we had asked him many times to stop his offensive behaviour towards our staff and councillors.

“The messages were extremely insulting and they were always copied to a large number of people outside of the council.

“Two or three of our staff and councillors have been caused considerable distress by this man’s abusive actions. Public servants should not have to tolerate insults and abuse.”