Council to have words with Northampton bin collectors over ‘obstacle course’ of broken bins

Recycling boxes in Raymond Road, Spencer
Recycling boxes in Raymond Road, Spencer

Northampton Borough Council have said they will speak to bin collectors after residents complained about recycling boxes being “thrown about” and “broken” when they are being emptied.

The response follows a letter from Councillor Gareth Eales (Lab, Spencer) who said that recycling boxes not being replaced properly yesterday (December 28) by collectors in the Spencer area were: “causing an impromptu obstacle course, which resulted in an elderly constituent tripping over.”

He said: “There has been a number of complaints that boxes are being broken by the force in which they are thrown about, replacements will only cost public money and there has been some accounts of minor accidental damage to parked motor vehicles, with boxes being bashed into them.

“All of the above is wholly unacceptable and not what the people of Spencer or Northampton deserve or expect.”

A council spokesman said: “Both the borough council and our contractor, Enterprise, are keen to ensure that recycling boxes are returned safely to the path so that the pavement is not obstructed and the boxes themselves are not damaged.

“It also costs Enterprise money every time they have to replace a damaged box.

“We will speak to Enterprise about the issues raised and ask them to reinforce the message that boxes and bins need to be put back where they were collected from.”