Council tenants in Northampton to get better street and security lights

Eyeletter House in St James, one of the properties that NPH now manages
Eyeletter House in St James, one of the properties that NPH now manages

Council homes in Northampton are set to have upgrades to their security lighting by the end of the year.

Northampton Partnership Homes (NPH), which manages the 12,000 local authority properties in the town, said it was doing a wide-ranging programme of upgrading lighting near its homes.

It will include some street lights that fall within its remit - most are maintained by the county council - and security lighting.

Geoff Prior, an executive director at NPH, said: “As part of our aim to improve the safety of neighbourhoods, additional lighting may also be provided either in the form of lampposts or high level lighting attached to buildings adjacent to key access routes.

“The ‘Northampton standard’ is now inclusive of the installation of front and rear security lights where required and these will in

turn improve home security and enhance overall lighting levels.”

Mr Prior said the security lighting is due to begin along with the broader schemes later in the year.

NPH is responsible for street lights off the highway around some housing estates, including footpaths, garages, parking and pedestrian areas around blocks of flats.

To date during 2015 there has been eight reported repairs to street lighting maintained by NPH which is a slight increase on the previous year.