Council ‘did not act to move mentally-ill Northampton man’ who was beaten and robbed, claim neighbours

A mentally-ill man was beaten up and robbed at his Northampton council home after a gang had intimidated him for three years.

Neighbours of the man, who the Chron has chosen not to name because of his vulnerability, kept evidence books handed out by Northampton Borough Council since 2012 and made notes of incidents that happened at the man’s address in St James.

They claim he was taken advantage of by people who used his home as a base for alleged drug dealing and prostitution.

The intimidation culminated recently when associates of the gang attacked him, beat him up and robbed of cash at his home.

A neighbour told the Chron: “Between us, we’d been detailing these incidents, including videos of the drug dealing, for three years in the hope something would be done.

“I realise how difficult it would be for the council to stop the crime, but he should have been moved to a new council home before this attack happened.”

Councillor Rufia Ashraf (Lab, St James) took on the man’s case and has now been successful in arranging him new accommodation.

But she said he should have been moved long before now.

She said: “He basically didn’t realise, because of his mental health, that what these people were doing was wrong.

“His neighbours were trying their best to protect him, but it seems nobody at the council was listening.

“It shouldn’t have taken a councillor to sort this out three years later.”

Police have said they are still investigating the attack and robbery.

Northampton Borough Council passed direct responsibility for council housing to Northampton Partnership Homes (NPH), which now holds all the records of the case from a landlord’s point of view.

Nobody from NPH was contactable for a comment.