Corby and East Northants 2005 Candidates

Corby and East Northants 2005

Phil Hope – Labour

Mr Hope has held the seat since 1997. He was formerly a Kettering borough councillor and Northamptonshire county councillor.

He said: "It was hard at times fighting against the Tories. I want to keep campaigning for what people want the Government to deliver.

"It has been a pleasure to be in Government (a junior minister in the Office Of The Deputy Prime Minister) and taking core values and putting them into practice.

"I want to make Corby even better – the constituents need a strong voice and I want to be that voice for them. I want to carry on representing the interests of constituents and campaigning for better services for all the 60 towns and villages I represent."

Andrew Griffith – Conservative

Mr Griffith stood in 2001 when the seat was held by Labour.

He said he would put the needs of the constituents before a ministerial career.

Mr Griffith said if elected he would put forward a positive, Conservative vision for the county.

He said: "I want to be a strong independent voice who will get real results and not just make promises.

"I am concerned about the failure to attract a main line railway line to Corby, the shocking state of NHS dentistry, the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour and the closure of Our Lady and Pope John and Barnwell schools."

Dave Radcliffe – Liberal Democrat

Dr Radcliffe was born in Peterborough and grew up in Oundle, before going to Manchester to read chemistry.

He said: "The election campaign will be about three things, freedom, fairness and trust. Liberal Democrats in Corby and East Northamptonshire will show that they are the real alternative."

He believes people should vote Liberal Democrat for three reasons – they will scrap "expensive and ineffective compulsory ID cards, axe council tax and scrap tuition fees".

Dr Radcliffe has a PhD in chemistry, is a keen cyclist and enjoys listening to music, cooking and photography.

Ian Gillman – UKIP

Previously a candidate in 1997 and 2001, Mr Gillman believes this time it will be a close contest.

He said: "We need to stay out of Europe – if we stay in the European Union we will lose our judicial system. Under European systems you will be guilty until proven innocent. It is so dangerous – they are making so many laws that we have no say over. People do not know enough about the dangers of Britain being in the EU."

He believes UKIP is an alternative for people who are disillusioned with the current mainstream parties.

Mr Gillman is an elected member of the UKIP national executive committee.

John Morris – independent

Mr Morris has not previously stood for election but believes the country needs a change and constitutional reform.

He said: "We need to break the power of political parties and I believe I have ideas which are better."

Mr Morris, who lives just outside Elmington, near Oundle, wants to see 51 per cent of Parliament run on a lottery system.

The idea would be to have representatives in control for either three-month or eight-week periods, chosen at random from the electoral role.

The representatives would be given appropriate training.

Steven Carey – socialist labour

Mr Carey is deaf and has lived in Corby all his life.

He said: "I have seen this town hit the bottom with the closure of the steelworks and seen the people of Corby struggle to bring our town back to life.

"This town faces many challenges – the redevelopment of the town and the proposal to double the population within the next few years.

"People have good reason to be concerned about the planning of these developments. We have seen the closure of two senior schools in recent years when we need more of them."