Convicted rapist from Romania banned from country after being caught shoplifting in Northampton

Luton Airport
Luton Airport

A convicted rapist from Romania was caught shoplifting in Northampton and then banned from returning to the country.

Romeo Zamfir, 37, had served nine years in a prison in his home country for a series of thefts and a rape committed in 1999.

Police officers, whose actions have been praised by the Criminal Records Office, arrested him in February for a shoplifting offence in the town and carried out a series of foreign convictions checks.

A police spokesman said: “A locate/trace marker had been placed on Zamfir’s file to ensure that if he came to police notice in the UK again, the process of registration could be completed.

“A Warnings Index Control Unit marker was added to his file [by Northamptonshire Police] to ensure that if he left the country undetected and then tried to regain entry he would be refused.

“Zamfir tried to gain access into the UK via Luton Airport in March and when he was turned away tried a different tact arriving at Calais. He failed to pass the border on both occasions thanks to warnings markers that had been placed on his file,” he added.

Detective Superintendent Pete Windridge said: “Protecting the people who live, work and travel to Northamptonshire is our primary aim and is something we work hard to do on a daily basis.

“It is encouraging to see that routine checks we made identified someone who should have been closely monitored by police as a result of previous convictions in his home country.

“We will continue to check the background of anyone we arrest, including foreign nationals, to ensure all relevant information about them is known in order to continue to protect people in Northamptonshire.”

Head of Association of Chief Police Officers Criminal Records Office, Paul Brooks, said: “This case highlights the need to check all foreign nationals when they come into custody for any offence.

“This case shows some great work from Northamptonshire Police and the Border Force in protecting our communities.”