Convicted drug dealer ordered to pay back £12,000

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A convicted drug dealer has been ordered to pay back £12,000 from his ill-gotten gains.

Alexander Barron benefited to the tune of £27,187 from his dealing, which he was convicted of in August 2011.

But Barron, aged 20, of Cyril Street, Northampton, will have to pay back less than half of this amount.

Judge Michael Fowler made a confiscation order for £12,000, and gave Barron six months to pay it, at Northampton Crown Court last Friday.

If he defaults, he will be given a 10-month prison sentence.

Steven Evans, for Barron, said he now had just £700 in his bank account.

Mr Evans said: “He has six months to pay and he will have to earn the money.”

Barron was arrested following the death of 18-year-old Aidan McSweeney in July 2010, who fell from scaffolding overlooking The Racecourse, while high on mephedrone.

Barron denied supplying the drug Mr McSweeney took that night, but his home was raided, and a significant quantity of drugs was discovered. Police found up to £13,500 of class B and class C drugs including methylone, and butylone.

Barron was sentenced to 16 months’ detention.