Controversial silicon implants not been used by Northampton General Hospital

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SENIOR bosses at Northampton General Hospital have moved to reassure patients who have had breast implants at the hospital that they are not the same as the controversial kind originating from France.

At the end of last year concern was raised about silicone implants manufactured in France by Poly Implant Prothese (PIP), mainly used for private cosmetic enhancements.

But since the scandal hit the headlines, Northampton General Hospital’s reconstruction surgeons have received calls from concerned members of the public who have received implants as a result of NHS breast reconstruction surgery.

Breast implants can be used in the NHS for reconstructive surgery of the breast following breast cancer and for selected cases of breast asymmetry and breast hypoplasia (lack of breast development).

Northampton General Hospital’s clinical lead for breast reconstruction surgery, consultant plastic surgeon Mr Nitin Vaingankar, said: “We can reassure all of the patients who have had implant surgery at NGH since we launched our reconstruction service in 2006 that they are not affected by the current controversy about PIP implants.

“We have not used these implants on any of the patients who came to NGH for reconstructive surgery.”

The hospital has only carried out reconstructive surgery for patients whose condition qualifies them for NHS treatment.

France banned implants made by Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) with industrial silicone in 2010 and some 30,000 women were advised to have them removed.

But founder Jean-Claude Mas told police at the time that victims had only filed complaints “to make money”.

Anyone in Northamptonshire who has had cosmetic surgery using implants and is concerned about it has been advised to either contact their GP, or the relevant private surgeon, directly for advice.