Conservative MP attacks Prime Minister for ‘chasing headlines’

Happier times: Brian Binley and David Cameron in 2005
Happier times: Brian Binley and David Cameron in 2005

A Conservative MP from Northampton has launched a stinging attack on the Prime Minister, warning that ‘chasing headlines’ could lose the Tories the next General Election.

In his 700 word letter to David Cameron, the MP for Northampton South, Brian Binley, said that in his 53 years in the party he had “found it difficult to remember a time when the party’s leader in Government failed consistently to chime with the natural instincts of our supporters”.

Issues which the MP claimed divided the party included gay marriage, Europe and wind farms.

And criticising the leadership style of the party, he added: “We appear to be living from headline to unplanned reaction and the chaos is harming the party’s reputation with our voters.
“It is not just the standing of the leadership which is imperilled through this approach, but our entire political credibility.”

He called on the Prime Minister to re-connect with Conservative supporters, adding: “Chasing headlines won’t work in the long-term, and inconsistency in policy weakens the message that we communicate to the electorate.”

He also warned that divisions within the party reduced the chance of the Conservatives winning the next election, adding: “I implore you to recognise that our current course is one which imperils our prospects for victory in 2015, and to take the steps that, as a leader, will put it right and create a platform for the majority Conservative Government that this country so desperately needs.”